The purpose of making the tokenomics in this particular way is for 3 distinct BENEFITS. This method allows a small tax to have a BIG effect.

1: Allows the tax to be a SMALL 1%

2: The portion that goes to BUYBACK AND BURN is stored until there is a significant amount within certain smart contract parameters and this allows for nobody to be able to anticipate and time a BURN for gain and EVERYONE is equally treated by the smart contract. Also, burning the supply down helps to support price appreciation, as the less tokens there are, the more each token can potentially be worth. The rarer something is, the more precious it is.

3: The portion that goes to the Liquidity Pool helps to directly SUPPORT price and speeds up obtaining more THICKNESS of the Liquidity Pool, encouraging bigger investors. Also, thicker liquidity means sells have less of a negative effect on price, making investors feel more secure.

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