One Token is a simple token that was created by OliverT in response to what he saw happening in Safuu, which is a community that he loves. He saw changes being made often, which negatively affected the investor's morale, and high taxes that made buying and selling an expensive decision. But he also saw good things, like the buyback and burn that everyone loved, and the excitement that burning the supply down gave to the community, who had hoped to see Safuu get down to under a million circulating supply.

So, armed with all this knowledge, he created One Token, a one million supply token that would not be changed and that had a low tax (only 1%) that would be used to conduct automatic buyback and burns as well as add to the liquidity.

One Token was created as a community token by a community member. None of the taxes go to the creator OliverT or his team, the only profit they'll see is from tokens they have purchased if the token is a success, which it will be, because of an amazing roadmap, community and team!

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