The tokenomics of One Token are very simple, and yet ingenius. The one million supply of One tokens can never be added to since the contract has no mint function, but it can be permanently reduced through burning the tokens to a null wallet, which is one of the contract's automatic functions.

You see, One Token has a very small tax, only 1%, and that tax is collected on every transaction, buys, sells and transfers. This makes One Token a fun swing trade opportunity, but also, because of what the tax does, it makes One Token an amazing buy and hold opportunity.

On each buy, sell and transfer transaction, the 1% tax that is collected by the smart contract is split between the Burn Address and the Liquidity Pool. Here's how it works:

1: The smart contract removes 0.5% of the transaction which is then exchanged for BNB and stored in the smart contract address. The smart contract then chooses when a RANDOM parameter is met [The CEO does not know] and will do a buyback and burn of ONE Tokens and permanently remove them from the circulating supply.

2: The smart contract removes 0.5% of the transaction and this gets exchanged for BNB and sent to the Liquidity Pool to help thicken the liquidity.

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